Paul Ryan and Obama Standoff: The Test is on

On October 29th, Paul Ryan came out of the box strong as the 54th Speaker of the House of U.S. Representatives. He declared that “the House is broken.” Ryan vowed they were starting fresh and his role as Speaker would be different. Indeed, his approach is refreshing for Members of Congress and for the citizens of this country. Some think the changes might put him in the middle of political battles that he can’t win. I don’t agree.

Ryan Announces House Operational Changes that Takes Decisive Aim at Problems

Ryan wasted no time making policy changes he bartered with other Members of Congress to win the title. Days after he was voted in, he spent time on the five major Sunday talk shows to explain how the House would be a different place – one Americans will love.

Ryan achieved something nobody else was able to do. He unified the major Caucuses to support him, including the maverick dissident Freedom Caucus. To do so he made a deal that the House would return to Regular Order. The procedure sends all legislation through committees. It then opens them up on the floor for amendments. A long, painstaking process that had previously been replaced because it takes a longer time to get bills to the floor for a vote. The old system used by Boehner, gave the Speaker and Committee heads he selected total control. The Speaker would choose which bills came to the floor for votes, with most negotiations done behind the scenes. So, many members had no say in laws that impacted their constituents. It was a great source of friction in the House. Ryan has changed all that with Regular Order.

As part of the deal, Ryan promised the Freedom Caucus that he would not bring an Immigration Bill to the floor while Obama was in office. Ryan affirmed his turn-around decision on the talk shows. He explained his change in view as one forced on him by Obama. Ryan emphasized that they can’t address immigration because Obama is untrustworthy. He noted how Obama tried to force his immigration policies by improperly using an Executive Order – but said he would consider border control and security issues if they made sense.

Ryan wasted no time in discussing how these decisions are consistent with his new plan. “Republicans must be the proposition party,” one that moves forward with a clear concise policy agenda. Sounds great, but it doesn’t come without a few major obstacles.

Is Ryan in the Middle of the Enemy and the Foes?

Ryan’s trying to unify the party by creating more equality in their roles in Congress. That makes sense on many levels. But did he go too far? Ryan may have made a big mistake promising the Freedom Caucus not to bring immigration to the floor while Obama is in office. When he did so, he put himself squarely in the middle of a fight. And the person most likely to get hurt is the Speaker. No matter how willing Ryan is to share his power, the ultimate responsibility of what happens in the House is on his shoulders.

Ryan’s Political Arrow Critically Wounded Obama – Cornered Animals Fight Back

Obama, like Clinton, has long seen the GOP has an enemy. But it’s clear that Ryan is a formidable opponent. Almost to the day Ryan took office, he hit Obama where it hurt most. The President is struggling. His popularity wanes back and forth, but his policies are a dismal failure. Immigration was Obama’s last big policy hope for ending his presidency a hero.

Obama miscalculated when Obamacare would start to flail. He knew it would because the numbers didn’t match up. He just didn’t know when. Clearly Obama thought he would be out of office when it started to crumble and the next guy would get blamed. But it’s unraveling too fast right before his very eyes. And there’s nothing he can do to stop the train wreck.

The Iranian deal is extremely unpopular among Americans. And the Iranians can’t take it too seriously because leaders have already told them that they will revoke it when Obama’s gone. Experts claim that the agreement has caused damage to the US that can’t be fixed.

And now, Ryan took away his last chance to be the American hero by helping the ever-growing Hispanic community.

Obama has already shot back by revoking his commitment to the Keystone Pipeline Project. Yeah, he gave other thinly veiled excuses. But insiders on the Hill got the message. Obama’s going to put out all the stops to force a government shutdown and blame the GOP. It’s beginning to sound like 2011-2012 elections all over again.

Freedom Caucus are More Foe than Friend – Demanding Government Shutdown

On the other side of the isle is the Freedom Caucus. They are determined to get another budget showdown to shut down the government. It seems they haven’t learned anything. The Freedom Caucus is insisting that the new budget strip Planned Parenthood from funding. If not, they are demanding that we shut it down. Since we know Obama won’t agree, in this issue, the Freedom Caucus is a foe to the Party. It doesn’t help that they want to strip them of money instead of reform. This will hurt them with the women vote. The polls show that over 50% want Planned Parenthood. If these members are successful, it will hurt our chances in the 2016 election, just like it did in the 2012 election.

Imagine Obama on one side and the Freedom Caucus on the other. They stand on opposite sides of the issue. What is the one thing they both have that makes it impossible to solve the problem?

They both want their way. They both are willing to let the government burn down, the people starve or whatever devastations of war must occur for them to win. Both will fight to the bitter end. Since they have made the House their battle ground where does that leave Ryan? Right smack dab in the middle!

Ryan’s Keen Strategies and Open Transparency May Save the Day

Despite the challenges, Ryan is charging ahead. His plans are filled with great hope. He’s working on tax reform. He’s showing voters how our healthcare plan is a great alternative to Obamacare. And he was able to get through a multi-year highway deal that Congress has been struggling with for years. And he did it using Regular Order. Members have to work harder now because they got what they wanted; more involvement. And they seem to love it. At least for now.

Can Ryan Survive the Fights with People who Won’t Work to Together

Ryan is doing something we haven’t seen in years. This guy’s really smart. And I’m proud of him for having the guts to stand up and make others take responsibility.

When the Press asks questions, Ryan provides a one sentence policy agenda. More questions? He sends them to the committee heads. “Ask Appropriations Committee Chair Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY).” That’s what Ryan told Fox News when they asked about a shutdown. He is regularly using this method. The Members wanted more power, Ryan gave it them. It’s also clear, Ryan’s going to steer the attention to those making the decision. In the past, the Speaker would be the voice for the Members. Now they must take responsibility for what they control.

Yes, it’s a whole new day!

Help Ryan Help You

It’s clear that Ryan has a vision that is off to a good start. Like what he’s doing? You can help.

  • Contact your Congresspersons in the House and tell them to back Ryan;
  • Speakers must raise money for House Members/the more he gets the more he can make them follow the rules and be reasonable – think about a donation – every little bit helps
  • Let your House and Senate Members know what’s important to you. It’s hard to take action if you’re operating in the dark

Stay Active and Help Get America On Top Again!

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