Paul Ryan, Can He Really Unify the Republican Party?

This week, Paul Ryan became the 54th Speaker of the House. He’s the youngest Speaker in almost 100 years. And he’s one of the most respected Members of Congress. Ryan came to Congress as a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives (WI, 1st Dist.) on January 3rd, 1999.

He’s been around for a while, but I have to admit that I didn’t really get to know about Ryan until I heard him speak in the 2012 Presidential Campaign. As a VP candidate for Mitt Romney, he impressed me. That’s hard to do with an old cadger like me who’s been around this town for a long time.

I still recall sitting with the journalist crowd at the National Press Club on election night. I was disappointed when Obama won. I found myself wondering if it would have been better for us if Ryan would have been the presidential candidate. He seems to get it. Ryan talks of balanced budgets and roadmaps to Middle Class recovery – visions lost in the 2012 election to a world that would yield more taxes, expenses and foreclosures. But one thought that never left my mind that night – It was clear that this kid had game and I knew he’d be back in the mainstream. But I didn’t think it would be as Speaker of the House.

Ryan Plans for the House to Take Control by Being the Party with Solutions

“This House is Broken,” Ryan said. This was his first message out of the box when he was sworn in. He drove it home as he spoke on the five major political Sunday wrap-up shows. Ryan marked the future of the Party when he said, “We have been too timid for too long around here.” He went on to stress, “We’ve been bold on tactics, but not on policy and agenda.” Ryan said that we must be the Party with clear solutions. When I heard him speak and got the vision of where he’s taking us, I felt proud to be an American. It’s the first time in a long time that I could feel the patriotic juices running through my veins. I’m pumped because I see what we might be able to get done now that he’s at the helm as Speaker.

Ryan’s Changes include Putting Forth a Clear Agenda and Opportunities to be Heard

Ryan announced his policy changes that he says will unify the GOP:

  • GOP must be a “Proposition Party,” putting forth clear, specific directives and offer a bold agenda on how to move forward – making it clear what we stand for;
  • Must take a bottom-up approach that gives all Members a chance to have input on all issues from the start – not limit them to last minute floor votes;
  • Ryan promises not to bring votes to the floor without an attempt to find consensus;
  • Issues, like Immigration will not come to floor for votes in cases where Ryan and GOP says Obama is not trustworthy

Speaker of the House Position Has Been A Death Knell to Politicians – What about Ryan?

Ryan was in a bad spot when he was approached to take over as Speaker. He didn’t want it. Though he denied it on the talk shows, it has been clear to insiders for some time that he had his sight on the Oval Office. But it was also clear that Ryan was the only one who had a chance of reeling in the factions of the House as Speaker. If he refused to step in, it would have destroyed his chances of running for President anyway. The people who sought his help by asking him to be the new speaker are the same ones he would have to rely on for funding a campaign. If Ryan turned them down, it is unlikely they would give him the support he needs.

The problem is that being Speaker is the hardest job in the House. It has ruined many careers. The only person to ever have achieved both is President James Polk. It remains to be seen whether Ryan can wrestle in and unify the Freedom Caucus (Tea Party radicals), the Study Caucus (Conservatives) and the Establishment. What’s exciting, though, is that he’s off to a great start.

Ryan Personifies the American Dream and Knows What Americans Need to Excel

Ryan’s life prepared him for the position he now holds. When he was young, Ryan learned about the needs of Middle Class families and their struggles through his own household. His father was a lawyer, but Ryan’s family came from modest means. His great grandfather started an earthmoving company that still exists today. Ryan speaks with pride as he talks about his family’s hard work to build a business and their respect for a budget.

When he was 16, Ryan came home one day to find his father dead. He had died of a heart attack. His grandmother moved in with his family. She had Alzheimer’s. Ryan helped care for her while his mother traveled out of town to attend college. He received Social Security Survivors Benefits until he was 18. He used the money to help pay for college. He has worked for the family business and once he was the grill guy at a McDonald’s. Despite working and going to school, Ryan was very active. He worked his way up. Before being a Member of Congress, he worked as a staffer. Ryan has a broad base understanding of political issues. He considers himself a devout Catholic dedicated to strong family values in an ever-changing America.

“I live in Janesville; I work in DC,” he told reporters this weekend, as he tried to explain why he sleeps in his office. He emphasized that if he’s representing people from his district, he wants to spend time with them and their surroundings that he also calls home – a refreshing choice.

Ryan’s Budget History Is a Mark of Success against Obama’s Financial Massacre

Ryan’s work on the U.S. budget has been exemplary. Upon taking office, President Obama was determined to push through expensive policies that would deplete the income of an already shrinking payroll for Middle Class Americans.

From the beginning, Paul Ryan has helped the GOP push back Obama’s escalating deficit ceiling. And he, along with other Members of Congress, forced Obama to swallow the guilt of sequestration and take responsibility – Obama’s design that will forever plague his presidency.

Ryan’s Plan is to help every Member of Congress be Actively Involved Every day to Advocate for their Constituent’s Needs. Under Ryan, he says that every Member of Congress will now be part of the legislative process from its start to its finish. And the GOP will make itself known as the “Proposition Party.” Those who give a clear, bold vision of how to find alternative solutions.

Help Ryan Be Successful in Helping You!

Paul Ryan has decided to step up to the plate for America, even though it may destroy his ultimate dream to be President someday. Now is the time for us to be equally committed to helping him facilitate changes. Here are the three things you can do that will really help:

  • Find your Members of Congress, contact them and tell them to support Ryan;
  • Every dollar counts – look at your budget and make a monthly commitment to the Speaker fund — $5-$10 monthly makes a big difference (it’s a fund for House Republicans); and
  • This is the time to be heard; visit Ryan by going to his website: Talk to his staff about your concerns and how you would like to see him move forward in House Directives.

Now is the Time to Act When Our Little Effort Can Make a Big Difference!

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