Obama’s Attacks on Israel May Come Back to Haunt America

In a recent briefing, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mike Mullen, talked about how unsafe it has become around the globe. “It’s a tough world out there,” he said. He emphasized that we need to use our resources wisely. We’re fighting several wars. There are some real bad guys out there. So why is President Obama going out of his way to make new enemies?

Obama has managed to bring on a new Cold War with Russia. Why? Because President Vladimir Putin wouldn’t extradite Edward Snowden. I’m not saying Putin’s a nice guy. But he didn’t have to send him back. U.S. Code Title 18, Sec. 3181 shows that Russia has no extradition treaty with the U.S. Many think of Snowden as a hero. It’s clear he wouldn’t get a fair trial. So nations can grant him asylum under humanitarian laws. Yet Obama caused several international incidents to try to exact vengeance on Snowden. It’s believed that it was on his order that France and Portugal forced the Bolivian President to reroute his plane. It appears Obama thought Snowden was on board. And he called on Democrats to tell Ecuador that they would cancel much needed trade agreements if they let Snowden in. Obama’s behavior was embarrassing for our nation. But it didn’t impact the lives of Americans. Israel is quite a different story.

It’s frightening how Obama is treating Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu. He is their Prime Minister. Obamas attacks against “Bibi” is putting Israel at risk. It threatens the safety of Americans at home and abroad. And it’s turning the Middle East into a nuclear hotbed. It’s time the president stopped abusing the power the American people entrusted to him. He needs to turn this ship around.

Is Obama’s Risky Middle East VisionArrogance or Ignorance?

Tension between Obama and the Prime Minister started from day one. Obama’s view of the Middle East is quite different from his predecessors. His plans put Israel at high risk.

We should’ve seen this coming. Obama’s father was Muslim. It’s only natural that Obama would want to bond with his kinship. But his heritage coupled with his lack of foreign policy is a recipe for disaster. Obama decided as President he would directly negotiate with our Middle East enemies. His folly was that he ignored history. When Obama reached out to make a deal with Iran over the nuclear facilities, he assumed they would negotiate in earnest. He failed to recognize the many times other before him tried to make deals. The Iranian government was always anxious for deals, but then broke their promises. Even worse they hid it from the world. Acting in secrecy they continued to build nuclear power. The current negotiations between Obama and Iran will certainly give Iran a nuclear weapon. This would of course concern Israel. Iran promises to annihilate them.

These two strong-minded leaders are as different as night and day when it comes to how to deal with the Middle East. The Prime Minister’s stance is to always be ready for war. Obama has shown he is afraid to put boots on the ground. He’s trying to talk his way to peace. The tension has gotten worse since Obama is trying to make a deal with Iran on how they can make a nuclear bomb.

Netanyahu was getting nowhere in trying to get the President to see that this was a mistake. He was sure that the American people would support his views if they could be heard. He decided to turn to Congress.

Each of the 26 Congressional StandingOvations Bibi Got Made Obama EvenMore Upset

It was John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, who invited Netanyahu to speak before Congress. The Speaker said that Iran is an important issue for both countries. So he felt that Bibi should be heard. The President immediately pounced on both. He said the Speaker was breaking protocol. And he refused to meet with the Prime Minister while in Washington. And he convinced 58 Democratic Members of Congress to boycott the speech. History tells us that Obama is in error about the protocol.

According to the Jewish Virtual Library Bibi gave a speech before Congress before. It was in 1996 and it was a copycat of this time. Newt Gingrich was the Speaker of the House. He’s a Republican. And President Bill Clinton was in office. He’s a Democrat. So much for the argument of breaking protocol. Like Obama, Clinton didn’t support Netanyahu’s policies either. He was also hoping someone else would win the job of Prime Minister. But there is one difference. The library’s archives note that once Bibi was elected, he and Clinton became close.

It is just the opposite with Obama. He’s been hostile from the beginning. And after the speech before Congress, Obama has declared political war on the Prime Minister. And it’s starting to alarm some Members of Congress.

Out-of-Control Obama Threatens toOpen Israel Up to Palestinian Political Attacks

Obama was upset about the speech. But things got worse during the Israeli elections. It was during the final hours. Netanyahu said there would be no two-state solutions during his watch. Obama went ballistic and made an unveiled threat. The peril it would cause Israel would also hurt the U.S. We would no longer be able to rely on Israel to be there for us on the front line in the Middle East. So what is his threat?

The U.S. looks out for Israel at the U.N Security Council and has for years. We use our veto power when needed to protect Israel. Obama attacked the Prime Ministers’ statement. He said that there must be a two-state solution. The President said that Netanyahu’s comment shows we need to re-evaluate policies to see whether the U.S. should provide the veto support for Israel.

This is really scary. Without the U.S. veto, Palestinians will have a political forum to get international laws passed that would cripple Israel.

But there was something important happening that most don’t know about Bibi’s remarks. What Obama was secretly doing during the Israeli elections forced Netanyahu to have make those statements.

Obama’s Efforts to Manipulate Elections Destroyed Options for Two-State Solutions

According to The Hill, Obama had a larger role in the Israeli election. The article is “Netanyahu Pollster: Obama Role in Election Larger than Reported.” The author is Jesse Byrnes.   It was a pollster from the Likud party who found the results. The Hill reports “’Obama and his allies were playing in the election to defeat the Prime Minister,’ said John McLaughlin in an interview on ‘The Cats Roundtable’ radio show.’”

They revealed that Obama worked through his former political operative Jeremy Bird and Washington-based V15 through non-profit “One Voice Movement.” They ran negative ad campaigns against Netanyahu to try to oust the Prime Minister. Byrnes says that “One Voice Movement” received $350,000 in State Department grants.

Obama’s team worked to mobilize the Arabs to give them “one voice.” Byrnes said the State Department rushed visas for Israeli Arabs to come to America for voter training. He mentioned that Representative Lee Zeldin (R-NY) explained it was an ACORN campaign. ACORN is America’s largest community organization for low and moderate-income families. They unite them and help with campaigns of digital ads, billboards and phones.

It’s hard to see why a U.S. President would act this way. Israel is known as the “only Jewish State.” We support Israel as the only Jewish State. Why would our leader get involved in a plan that would show Arabs how to take over the government of the only Jewish State?

Obama’s smear campaign limited Netanyahu’s options in putting together a government. Yahoo news reports that “Netanyahu’s lineup is dominated by right-wing and religious parties.” The coalition groups include Likud, centre-right Kulanu, Jewish Home and two ultra-Orthodox parties. President Obama’s smear campaign forced Bibi into a parliament none of us want. It’s not what Bibi wanted. It’s what Obama created by his interference. The majority would not support a two-state solution.

Is President Obama an Anti-Semite?

His behavior rises to the level of anti-Semitism. With all due respect to the President, the way he is acting towards Israel makes it a fair question to ask. And his background supports that it may be true.

President Obama’s father was Muslim. He divorced his mother while Obama was a toddler. His dad later married an American Jewish woman and had two sons. He divorced her in 1971. He then came to visit his son the same year. Obama was about 10 years old. The father had a leg injury from a car wreck and was a heavy drinker. When Obama saw his father for the first time that he could remember, it was not a pretty picture. He saw a father that abandoned him for a Jew. A father who raised two Jewish sons. And when his father finally returned to him, he was a broken man. That’s a lot for a ten year old to absorb. By the time he met his father, he was a broken man. He had a serious leg injury from a car injury. His drinking and driving led to two more car accidents. One took both of his legs. And the other took his life. I can only imagine the impact this would have on a 10 year old. It’s hard to think that he wouldn’t resent Jewish people after such an experience.

I’m not saying that the President is an anti-Semite. But lack of other logical answers and his actions towards Israel does raise concerns. Obama is on a path that could end Israel as we know it. We could lose our front line of military defense. Lose them at a time when Obama is scaling back on our military. And at a time when his Middle East negotiations are prompting all leaders over there to want to make nuclear bombs. Someone needs to bring the President into check.

Once again, Congress to the rescue!

Senator McCain Is Right: “Get Over Your Temper Tantrum Mr. President”

Several Members of Congress are stepping up to help Netanyahu and Israel. John McCain is perhaps the most vocal. “The President has his priorities so screwed up that it’s unbelievable,” McCain told CNN. He also has answers to what will happen if Obama tries to push the U.N. to create a Palestinian State. If the President makes the request and the U.N. approves, McCain says that Congress will have to rethink funding of the U.N. Hoorah for McCain.

Even Obama’s own party is weary of his antics. Senator Dianne Feinstein is the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee. She told the Wall Street Journal, “Now that the election is over, continuing to mend tensions in the U.S.-Israel relationship needs to be a priority for everyone.”

Let’s hope the President gets the memo.

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