Obama is Stripping Congress of Power AGAIN

Obama isn’t the first president to try to get around Congress. But he has taken it to a whole new level.

Obama’s the first to openly say he knows he’s breaking the law but does it anyway. He’s working with world leaders to create global financial and insurance systems. If Obama’s successful, the U.S. will no longer control its own markets. They would be governed by a global committee. Some of the members may not be allies. Obama’s slick. He’s stripping the power from the one group that has the right and duty to stop him – Congress. And he’s doing it little by little to stay under the radar.

Congress Needs to Act Now or Americans Will Be Controlled by Global Regimes

As useless as it seems at times, Congress is in place to protect our rights. You can’t rely on a president. Once in office, there’s no personal contact for most of us. Even Congress has a hard time keeping a president in line. And you only get two terms to vote for one. Congress is in it for the long haul, and its members know they need your vote.

And you can’t rely on the judicial branch. Judges are supposed to interpret laws made by Congress. Few laws are clear in all circumstances. So judges rule on how they thinks the law applies to each case. And the rulings are often subject to the biases and beliefs of individual judges, and outcomes are unpredictable. Often we see the Supreme Court more interested in politics than law. The old saying is true: “You’re at the mercy of the judge”. Good thing we have Congress to fix that by making new laws. But it’s past time those in Congress actually do it.

Obama’s Abuse of Executive Power Needs to Be Reigned In

Obama’s setting up systems for global powers to control us. He’s making treaties without Congress so he can ferret out Americans’ financial data all around the world. Obama is working with foreign powers to create a global insurance system that will be dominated by global powers. And of course, he’s cramming the Iranian bad deal down our throats because he doesn’t have the guts to deal with possible war. In each case, Congress has the right and duty to let your voice be heard. But Obama is shutting Congress out by making deals with foreign leaders. None of it is legal. He has said it’s not lawful, but he still does it. So far, Congress has not stopped him.

Obama Is Giving Away Our Rights to Foreign Powers and Congress Won’t Stop Him

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

Obama has set up treaties with foreign governments to spy on U.S. citizens’ foreign investments. He is using the Treasury and the IRS to regulate this. The program is called the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. If you check out the IRS website on FATCA, you will see how damaging it is to Americans.

Under FATCA, financial institutions must provide data about U.S. citizens’ investments to the IRS. If financial institutions in countries making the deal do not cooperate, up to 30 percent of the money due them may be withheld. If they want to avoid the withholding, they must register with the IRS and get global numbers.

Obama has signed intergovernmental agreements, or IGAs, with foreign governments. The IGAs are not part of the law. The FATCA website has a list that shows that there are many countries involved. Many of them are not our allies. IGAs aren’t legal. Treaties must be ratified by Congress. IGAs are not.

“FATCA coerces financial institutions and governments all over the world into becoming de facto extensions of the IRS”, wrote Alex Newman at the New American. He noted major concerns that FATCA will cause “massive damage to the U.S. economy, destabilization of American banks, end financial privacy and constitutional protections”.

There are some members of Congress who oppose the action but have not stopped it. U.S. Rep. Bill Posey (R-Fla.) noted that he doesn’t think the Treasury has the authority to regulate the program. He also said that the IGAs are not treaties because they haven’t been ratified by Congress, implying that there is no legal basis for Obama to be making these deals. U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) noted that FATCA will cost “hundreds of billions in compliance costs to the U.S. economy alone”.

It seems that most Americans have no idea that foreign governments are getting an up close and personal look at their financial data.

Global Insurance

At a recent Capitol Hill event, I learned of Obama’s back-door deal that spells trouble for Americans. Hill Magazine brought in U.S. Rep. French Hill (R-Ark.), U.S. Rep. Steve Stivers (R-Ohio) and insurance experts to explain. In 2008, Democrats pushed for new bank laws. These new regulations were not just U.S. laws, but Obama made them international ones, too. They have a bad effect on our insurance industry. When setting them up, Obama’s goal was to have a global insurance system that applies to all countries. The U.S. would no longer control its bank and insurance industries. They would be governed by a global committee of which the U.S. would be a member.

The Property Casualty Insurers Association of America revealed why this can’t work well for us. Insurance overseas is controlled by banks. We have a different system that does not work well with a bank system. Most foreign insurance markets are built on bank policies. The experts agreed that forcing us to use this system would cause states to lose their competitive edge. They said it would cause high risks, less stability and higher prices.

Hill and Stivers said they were concerned about the lack of transparency. They felt that the U.S. insurance industry was not in on the closed-door sessions as much as they should have been. Both said that Congress is working to have the meetings be made more open and the U.S. more involved. The goal is to save our system, as it works well.

Iranian Deal

On the same day, we also listened to Secretary of State John Kerry defend the Iran deal. It’s a bad deal. Obama’s fear of war is going to arm the Middle East with nuclear weapons. His claims that war is the only other way wouldn’t be the case if he hadn’t made Iran strong by lifting sanctions. The Iranian people who were feeling the squeeze might have once again raised up arms. That is unlikely to happen now.

Tell Congress to Change the Laws Now to Stop Obama’s Abuse

These are just of few examples of Obama’s unlawful actions that are threatening Americans’ constitutional rights. Congress is getting fed up, but members need to know that voters support them. This is one place where “the squeaky wheel gets oiled”. Congress cares about votes. Contact your representatives and tell them to stand up to Obama now. If they don’t, America will lose much of the freedom of choice we so treasure.

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