The Aftermath of Obama’s Foreign Policy Blunders

I’ve lived in and around our nation’s capital most of my life. Politics has been a part of my world since I can recall. And I have seen our leaders do some stupid things. Some of them cost taxpayers a lot of money. Some sadly cost our young people their lives as they went off to wars we shouldn’t have been fighting. But in all my years, I’ve never seen a U.S. leader, especially a President, rise to the level of Obama’s incompetence.

During his Presidency, he has renewed racism. He has placed our police forces in danger and damaged their ability to protect us by painting them as bad guys. And he has left unchecked the mass killings going on in our homeland that prompts fear of terror in the lives of our citizens. But Obama’s foreign policy blunders are the worst. They have fed into these other problems and have weakened us in the world. His interactions have caused harm with both allies and enemies throughout the nations. He has stripped us of our power and has made us a bullseye from discontents around the globe.

Middle East Experts are Aghast at Obama’s Policies.

It’s hard to find a reputable foreign policy expert who isn’t extremely critical of Obama’s foreign policies. “Trainwreck,” is what Adam Turner called Obama’s Middle East policies. Turner is general counsel to the Endowment for the Middle East Truth. And he’s former counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee, where he worked on national security law.

“The Obama Administration’s work in the Middle East is “soaring rhetoric and failed delivery.” These words are written in a book by top world foreign affairs expert Fawaz Gerges. He’s a Professor of International Relations from the London School of Economics and Politics and stacked with an armload of credentials. Gerges often appears on major world news outlets such as CNN, Reuters, BBC and more.

These are just a few examples of the consensus on Obama’s work in the Middle East. Let’s take a look at why professionals who understand what’s happening are deeply concerned.

Obama’s Flip Flops on Policy is Costing Money and Lives

When Obama first took office, he had some of the best military leaders in the world. But it’s common knowledge that he lost them because he used them as window dressing to push through his views. Ideas they knew would not in America’s best interest.

In 2011, against the advice of the Pentagon and the State Dept, Obama pulled out troops from the Middle East. That was a death knoll to the bright future that was shaping up. As you can imagine, living in a world where your next store neighbor might walk up one day and shoot you – there’s not a whole lot of trust. It took our guys a long time to gain that trust. It was all lost when Obama withdrew the troops

Many discouraged by those results don’t think we can fix it by going back. Army Chief of Staff General Ray Obierno told CBS that he could send 150,000 troops and crush ISIS, but it would happen again in a year. It’s because Obama left too soon. Now, they have to start over again leaves lingering questions. Will they pull out too soon the next time?

Experts claim Obama’s rhetoric with failed results is the key problem in finding solutions. He has misrepresented what he can do to the American people – we’ve learned to live with politicians “puffing” what they can do. But his broken promises in foreign policy has cost the U.S. their credibility. Losing trust seems to be the Dems mantra.

Well, maybe talk is cheap in some circles, but not here. Not only did Obama cheapen our value in the world. He spent $500 million dollars to train thousands of fighters in their own nation. Last month there were about six left. That’s about $833,000 a fighter. Wow, think about how many Americans could have free healthcare, a nice bank account and a house too.

Obama’s Middle East Policies Has Stoked Smoldering Embers into a Full-fledged Bon Fire

Libya was one of Obama’s worst efforts. It should be a lesson to us at voting time. Don’t vote for anyone who doesn’t understand global dynamics. How could a Constitutional Professor and a Human Rights advocate [Obama’s experience] help drive foreign policies? Let’s not make that mistake again!

Turner rightly points out that it was a bad move to take out Muammar Qaddafi as leader of Libya. Qaddafi was a real problem in the 80’s and 90’s. But he changed when George W. Bush invaded Iraq. You won’t hear Dems talk about how Bush instilled a new fear in our enemy’s eyes.

By 2011, Qaddafi had ceased stopped most misconduct. He gave up weapons of mass destructions and allowed “anytime, anywhere” inspections of facilities. He was more focused on keeping his power. Turner notes that we may have been able to pressure him out peacefully.

Instead, Obama took action and indirectly caused Qaddafi’s death. It came back to haunt us in 2014, when we lost some of our own and had to leave with our tails between our legs. But in his attempt to “destabilize” Qaddafi, Obama “secretly armed Qatar. Boy do I hate stupidity!

Now Libya is a mess.

Obama is Untrustworthy to Our Allies

One of Obama’s biggest problems is that he cares more about the role he is playing than the work he is doing. The title of being the most powerful leader in the free world has gone to his head. He thought because he was able to muscle Congress in his first few years that it would work in the global arena as well. But it didn’t and now he’s stuck.

We’ve seen the results of how his stance has estranged our friends and allies. His open disdain towards Netanyahu has gotten so bad experts are concerned that it will escalate before Obama leaves office.

Why did Obama get involved in Ukraine to try to oust the Russian-leaning government? Yes, Putin is not well liked. And yes, Ukraine would be an ideal spot for the U.S. to move forward in efforts to supply oil and natural gas to the Western world. But why now when there was quasi-peace with Russia? And the specs aren’t in place for them to provide service. Donald Trump pointed out how we could handle things differently to make peace with Russia and Putin.

Obama has soured a strong, well-built ally in Saudi Arabia. A country who knows business well. A wealthy nation that could help us grow. Obama’s nuclear deal has not just placed strains on our ties with the country. It has stoked their interest in nuclear weapons.

And spying on German’s Angela Merkel has cooled a bond that was very strong. He led her to believe they were not just allies, but friends.

Obama doesn’t even see the growth coming from BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China). These nations can’t be ignored if we hope to stay strong in future markets.

There’s Hope around the Corner in Upcoming Elections

Many believe that when Obama dropped this fiasco into the hands of the next President, the Dems lost substantial voting power. And current Dems full support of policies that Americans hate, like Iran, doesn’t help them.

The good news is that the more Obama and his cronies push these policies off on Americans, the more likely, Republicans will be able to get into office in the next election to stop it.

Timing Is Critical

We’re getting into crunch time. Every vote is going to matter in the upcoming election. Consider helping out in the following ways:

  1. Contact the Republican National Committee and ask for ways to get involved in the upcoming election. They are planning now. They have both paid and volunteer committees. We need to be as strong as possible in mobilizing our base;  
  2. Look for political meetup groups in your area. It’s a great way to get involved in your community to spread the facts about the real dangers out there and how we can make a difference come election day; and
  3. Contact President Obama and share your concerns about his foreign policies.

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