Just How Deep is Hillary Clinton’s Sea of Deceit?

We see the noose tightening around Hillary Clinton. Her poll numbers are plunging. With her numbers so low, why did she and her husband turn down a prime offer to be guest speakers in Palm Beach County, FL? Many eyebrows were raised at her decision. “It’s a little odd, to be honest,” said one democrat familiar with the dinner who wished not to be named. “Here’s a sold-out dinner with a friendly audience and she’s not taking advantage. And she needs Palm Beach County and more importantly, she needs Florida’s vote.” the Democrat said.

Strange indeed. But facts that could hurt her are growing. It could be that Clinton has more on her mind than winning an election. As the wagons are circling, it’s clear Clinton’s freedom is at serious risk. More and more members of the rank-and-file are coming forward with answers to questionable behavior of Clinton and others while she was Secretary of State. Some are called by force. Nevertheless, their testimonies are damning. The current Congressional Committee is finally getting answers. It hasn’t been easy getting to the truth while wading through this deepening sea of lies.

Benghazi Debacle is Looking Like a Repeat of Nixon’s Watergate

It’s hard to uncover corruption at the top. It’s even harder to get justice. Remember Nixon and Watergate? Obama and Benghazi are similar. Three long years have gone by since the Benghazi attack in Libya. Dems miss no chance to bring up how the investigations have been going on for so long. They love to point out that the GOP keeps coming up empty handed. All that is changing in the current committee.

J.R. Edwards of Communities Digital News notes that there has been five committees. The previous four committees were “extremely fragmented.” He explained that each committee had different members in different areas of government. They also held separate hearings. There was no unity. When Speaker of the House John Boehner appointed Rep Trey Gowdy (R-SC) to a Select Committee, people knew it was serious.

“Select Committees are a big deal because they have essentially unlimited jurisdiction in the areas they can investigate and the people they can subpoena,” Edwards explained. Gowdy is a tenacious prosecutor who knows how to get to the bottom of things – and it’s working.

Gowdy is in a good space to get to the truth. Many think he will bring down both Obama and Clinton. Edwards pointed out that “In just the last 50 years Americans have impeached presidents for lying about sex, and for covering up a robbery.”

Obama and Clinton’s action could get a lot of their officials and staff in a world of trouble.

The Administration and the State Department Worked Together to Defraud Americans

Facts prove Obama and Clinton failed to protect the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi Embassy. But as is often the case, the cover up is worse than the crime.

Obama and Clinton knew or should have known that there was trouble in Benghazi. Ambassador Stevens repeatedly asked for help. Every other country had left. The Red Cross was bombed. And there were anti-American protests going on in 33 countries days before. Most of them were in the region.

Not only did they not take them out. They did not send them help. They didn’t even have military soldiers or assets to help them when they came under attack. The Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs didn’t even know about it until almost an hour after it was over.

The fact that they failed is not in question. A major problem is that they intentionally lied to voters in order to hide their abysmal fiasco. And the timing of their lies make a difference in their culpability. A lot of people lie to cover up their mistakes. But in this case there was a lot more at stake. It was September 2012. The Presidential election was in November. The race was close between Obama and Mitt Romney. If voters knew how they bungled Benghazi it would have probably changed the election.

The Administration and the State Department made up a story to hide their debacle.

Obama and Clinton Drowning in a Sea of Deceit

ABC News Correspondent Jonathan Karl found proof that key staff to Obama and Clinton doctored talking points to defraud the public. He found from White House emails that the Benghazi talking points underwent 12 revisions. The changes took out the fact that it was a terrorist attack. They knew it was linked to an Al Qaeda-affiliated group. But it was removed.

White House Press Secretary Carney claimed the talking points were from the CIA. But records Karl found showed Carney was lying. It had extensive input from the State Department. Victoria Nuland from the State Department was directly involved in creating a false story.

Ambassador Susan Rice went on five Sunday morning talk shows and said it was a “spontaneous” attack prompted by an anti-Muslim movie. Clinton made similar comments to Congress. It was a cover up to hide what really happened.

Gowdy plans to push for subpoenas on all involved so that he can get to the truth of who is responsible for lying to our citizens.

Clinton’s Emails Matter: More Evidence May Show More Broken Laws

There is more email evidence coming that may bury Clinton and Obama even deeper.

One of Clinton’s IT staff from the State Department helped Clinton set up her server in her home. Clinton paid him personally to do it for her. His name is Bryan Pagliano. He was subpoenaed recently to appear before Congress. He informed them he was taking the 5th. It may have been a wise choice. The day that he and Clinton set up that server in her home, they most likely created a federal crime.

When anyone takes a job at the State Department, they must sign a document that says they will make sure they keep government property (including documents) under government control. And when they leave the State Department, they must sign a paper during an exit interview saying they returned all government property.

The FBI is investigating to what extent Clinton passed around classified emails and who may have been able to hack it. They are probably also investigating why the State Department has no record of Clinton signing either of the two forms.

The Committee may offer Pagliano immunity. If so, he will have no choice but to testify.

Watch for More Front Cover News – This Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

Gowdy’s digging in deep and calling more witnesses. The FBI may be expanding its investigation as there were a lot more classified documents than originally thought. If you missed some of the coverage, just Google Trey Gowdy. There are a lot of video news stories that will bring you up to date. You may also want to monitor the hearings, which you can find on house.gov.

This topic is likely to get a lot of coverage as more evidence continues to grow.

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