Terrorists at Home: How Can We Stop Them?

When I was growing up, I always felt so proud to be an American. The more the rest of the world flaunted their royal pedigrees, the more special I felt. We weren’t given what we had because of a special birthright. We earned it. The world respected us for what we had achieved, partly because they had no choice. America had become a powerful nation of hardworking people. When Japan attacked us on the home front at Pearl Harbor, we acted quickly, decisively and with a crushing blow. Other nations knew we could and would protect ourselves. And our economic boon in the latter part of the 20th century was admired around the world.

Many children today have no sense of the pride and security we felt as Americans back then. How could they? We’ve watched politicians derail our financial security, strip our military of their power and open our borders to unfettered attacks. We can’t go to a mall, a movie or enjoy a special national celebration without wondering if we’ll live through the experience. Terror in our homeland is now part of our life. There are ways Americans can help to stop the madness.

Politicians Need to Get on the Ball or Get Out of the Building!

As an insider to DC politics, it always amazes me how few Americans take hold of the power they have over the politicians who make choices for them. A look at the Trump phenomenon shows that citizens aren’t happy and want drastic change. Some try to downplay Trump’s impact. But experts are reeling over Trump’s uniquely positive impact on voters.  

Well-renowned pollster Frank Luntz recently conducted a focus group. Reporters observed the session from another room. Their “unwavering support [for Trump] indicates that there may be nothing that can take down Trump,” Luntz said. “This is a different cat. A different phenomenon,” he emphasized. “This is real. I’m having trouble processing it. My legs are shaking.” He added, “This is a wakeup call for Republican leadership because it shows how their grassroots have abandoned them. And they better start listening.”

It should be a wake-up call for all of us. Representatives in D.C. are doing a terrible job. Their decisions are why we have terrorists on the home front. They’re getting ready to hand Iran a nuclear bomb! They’re stripping our military and letting illegal aliens take over our country.

Citizens need to step up and make the call. “When politicians aren’t doing what you think they should do, pick up the phone and tell them,” said three-term New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg at a recent conference on Capitol Hill. “Tell them you’ll vote for somebody else if they don’t fix the problem.” Bloomberg said it’s the only language they understand. He’s right. Most politicians care about one thing – getting elected. They only care about your vote. If you make it clear your vote’s is in jeopardy, they’ll listen.

Media Moguls are Sending Messages that are Inviting Terrorists into Our Lives

While politicians are fighting for your vote, media moguls are fighting for your money. They don’t care about bringing us news. They don’t care about responsible reporting that would keep us safe. They care about big bucks.

In the media world, it’s all about messaging. Send a message that gets people’s attention. That’s what makes money.

Jihadists, ISIS, and other radicals capitalize on these messages, and it’s getting us killed.

Perhaps the worst impact, partly prompted by media, is how extremists claim victory over enemies by dying in a suicide that results in massive killings. In the 14 year time lapse since 9/11, this concept has been grilled into our heads through extensive media coverage. By the end of the immense news cycle, everyone knows intricate details about this once unknown killer. Thanks to the extensive media exposure, they’re famous and exalted by their affiliates. And it’s rubbing off onto troubled Americans.

An increasing number of suicide killers are ordinary citizens bereft with problems, depression, desperation and sometimes mental illness. It seems like in their warped mind, they look at it as if they will come alive after they’re dead. It’s even happening to our children. It’s frightening. And it’s sad.

We need to send a new message labeling terrorists for what they are – deranged cowards. We should be shaming them, not making them famous by dissecting every detail of their lives looking for excuses. And we need to communicate better with our children so they don’t fall prey to the folly.

Media moguls will change if we stop watching at start complaining.

Politics have made Police Policies Pathetic and Dangerous

My mother used to say, “It isn’t what you say, it’s how you say it.” It’s too bad the Administration didn’t embrace such philosophy when taking over state matters with policing problems throughout the country.

Ferguson is a prime example. A white police officer killed, Michael Brown, a black man who had just robbed a store. Our Constitution dictates that it’s a state’s responsibility to address it.

President Obama trampled on those rights announcing his personal interest and sending in Eric Holder, the head of the Justice Department, to oversee the case. While the police officer was never charged, it still ruined his career. The Justice Department rulings meant nothing as they lacked credibility. Obama’s actions have sparked racism wars throughout the country.

He has put police and citizens in danger.

Use the Power of the Constitution to Protect Yourself and Your Family

The Constitution gives the voice of the people the power to control government. It’s time to speak out to help stop these problems. Here are three easy steps to get started:

  1. Contact your Senators and your Congressmen. They are easy to contact online or through the mail. It’s OK if speak to a staffer. They’re trained to get your message in the right place. Tell them the problem. Instruct them to fix it or lose your vote.
  2. Connect with news sources through Facebook and Twitter. Talk about the problems and share what you think they need to change. Be sure to point out how their messaging is glorifying criminals.
  3. Get to know the police in your area. Visit the station, attend their events and participate in community organizations geared towards keeping your neighborhood safe.

Help America. Be active. Let your voice be heard, locally and nationally.


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