A Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Set the White House on Fire

The next person to step into the Oval Office will face huge challenges. They’re likely to be looking at a nuclear Middle East and sparse, skeptical allies. All at a time when our military is being scaled back. These problems stem from an Obama Administration that Hillary Clinton rubber stamps. The new head will face troubles at home. Under Obama’s watch there’s renewed racism and jihadists on our soil.

It’s hard to think of anything worse, until you think of Hillary Clinton. Another Clinton presidency shows signs of trouble. Hillary is busy trying to clear herself in hearings, lawsuits and elsewhere. It’s hard to see how she will have time to run the country. And then there’s Bill. His conduct that plagued his presidency will follow Hillary into the White House. And recent findings of Bill’s undisclosed hidden money appear to be just one more scandal. We’ve seen other countries crumble when their leaders were haunted by similar problems. Let’s not let it happen to America. Knowledge is power, so let’s take a look at the facts and what we can do to change the outcome.

Even More Clinton Family Scandals… Is it Enough to Keep her Out of the White House?

Bad news reports are coming out about the Clintons on what seems to be a daily basis. All the different problems may cause a lack of focus and make it hard to push her out of the running. Winning a position in politics needs a solid message. With so much out there, the real message can get lost in the noise.

I turned to expert James Hewitt for help. He’s Deputy Press Secretary of the Republican National Committee (RNC). I asked him to share the strongest points that might keep Hillary out of the White House. He didn’t hesitate:

  • Untrustworthiness
  • Not an Authentic Candidate as She “Stages” her campaign appearances
  • A Failed Track Record as Secretary of State

Lies and Deception Make it Difficult to Know Who Clinton is and What She Stands For

Hewitt said Clinton’s conduct shows she’s not trustworthy. He shares a few examples.

Transparency Rules, National Security & Clinton’s Secret Emails

“She used her own email server while Secretary of State,” Hewitt said. “Vital national-security-sensitive materials were going into her inbox,” he explained. “It doesn’t have the specific security protocol that would have been on a government server. She puts our national security at risk,” he stated.

A Washington Post article talks about Clinton’s email abuse. The report says, “The Hillary Clinton Email Story Just Keeps Getting Worse for Her.” The author, Chris Cizzilla, pointed out that Clinton’s conduct made it appear she was trying to avoid the federal disclosure requirements relating to her emails. She has been widely criticized for picking and choosing what emails to turn over.

Benghazi Bungle – the First Chance to See the Real Hillary Clinton

Until she took on the role as head of the State Department, Clinton was shielded by others. They would let her share their glory. They would mask it when she failed.

On the stump Clinton claimed she played “a pivotal role in forging a children’s health insurance plan.”

Through RNC we learned that Boston Globe showed it’s a lie. “Lawmakers, staffers, and healthcare advocates involved in the issue” said is not true. Susan Milligan of the Boston Globe reported in “Clinton Role in Health Program Disputed.”

Even in her personal life, Clinton seemed to feel a need to “puff” her self-worth. For years, she claimed her mother named her after the famous Edmond Hillary. He was the first person to reach Mount Everest’s summit in 1953. But snopes.com showed how it could not be true. So what did Hillary do? She blamed it on her mother! She said her mother made it up.

Folks had been willing to cover for her. But in the spotlight of the power Secretary of State, there was no one to stand in her failed shoes. There’s no place to hide. But it hasn’t stopped her from trying. The apparent lies before Congress. The missing private emails.

Hewitt said the RNC is waiting for the results from Congress. The Committee Chairman, Trey Gowdy, is well-respected as an honest lawmaker. Hewitt emphasized that the RNC wants to hold off on any conclusions under after Dowdy releases his opinion on the matter.

A recent CNN/ORC International poll says Americans support for Republican investigations is growing. The poll shows that 51% think Republicans are handling the matter appropriately. It’s up from 48% a year ago.

Hillary’s favorables are falling. The poll notes 58% are dissatisfied with the way Clinton handled Libya. Up from 55% a year ago.

Is Running a Campaign more like a Performer than a Politician Dishonest?

“Clinton’s not an authentic candidate,” Hewitt said. “Ever since she rolled out her campaign in April, Clinton’s been putting on these staged campaign events, where she is answering pre-screened questions.” He explained that those who attend are pre-selected. They aren’t random, interested voters. They are loyal democrat voters who have been selected by the Hillary Clinton Campaign. “So, the fact that we have a candidate, a serious Democratic presidential candidate who, as the front runner, who won’t even address everyday American voters is disturbing,” Hewitt concluded.

Clinton’s Stint at State was Like Putting the Fox in the Henhouse

Hewitt thinks people should look at Clinton’s dismal track record. “Clinton has a failed record as Secretary of State. No one has even named a single accomplishment,” he pointed out. “The fact that she flew the most miles of any Secretary of State is not necessarily an accomplishment.” Hewitt laid out clear flops in her performance. “Libya is a disaster. ISIS has increased its presence in the region. Russia has increased their influence in Europe after her failed policy. Nothing has come to fruition in this Administration,” he emphasized.

Hewitt also noted that Clinton didn’t even follow the instructions from her commander-in-chief. He said Clinton’s involvement with Blumenthal during Benghazi was in direct violation of an order. Hewitt stated she was told directly by Obama not to involve Blumenthal. And in doing so, she broke the chain of command.

Clinton’s personal contracts and business ventures with people who were doing business with the State Department is also bringing fire. Even Nancy Pelosi said  the Clintons will have to answer for their Foundation.

The Polls Give Hope

Clinton’s polling numbers are bad and falling. The CNN/ORC shows her at 46%, down from 53% about two months ago. Perhaps Americans are now seeing the real Hillary. And that’s great for Republicans. Let’s get the truth out there. And keep the pressure on.

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