Here’s Why Hillary Clinton May Face Felony Charges Over Email Server

The Clintons are known for acting like royalty. Their track record shows they don’t play by the rules. But Hillary Clinton went too far when she ignored laws that placed the entire country at risk. In March, 2015, the Times revealed that Clinton used her own email accounts to do her job as Secretary of State. She didn’t have a government email account in the four years she was in that role.

In standard Hillary fashion, she piggy-backed on her husband’s internet server in order to house her Federal work. And they kept it in their private home. She turned her back on the government systems put in place to protect the sensitive, top secret information that she was entrusted with as a top U.S. leader. She put Americans at risk domestically and abroad. And now she may have to pay for it. Clinton is at the center of a security breach scandal. Her actions are under the microscope in several U.S. oversight divisions. Here’s what we know about Clinton’s recklessness.

Investigations against Clinton Suggests She has Committed a Felony

Earlier this year, Clinton had been forced to turn over emails from when she was Secretary of State. She gave up 30,490 emails; but deleted 31,830. She said they were private. But there was no independent source to verify that it’s true. And it looks like she’s hiding something.

The Inspectors General (IG) of the Intelligence Community (IC) looked at a few samples. He was checking to see if any emails were classified. CBS News Correspondent Jan Crawford said “the IG identified emails on Clinton’s server that indicate classified information was mishandled.” And “in the Clinton case, the IG made it clear they’ve identified emails that were classified at the time they were sent and assume there are hundreds more.”

The IG referred it to the Department of Justice and the FBI.” Crawford said it didn’t matter if they called it a “security” referral. It’s still a criminal matter. Minor problems aren’t sent to the FBI. Based on findings, Executive Order required them to turn it over to the DOJ and the FBI. And it could lead to prosecution.  

FBI’s Seizure of Clinton’s Email Server Raises Investigation to a More Serious Level

Now the FBI has demanded Clinton to turn over her server. They also want backup files she gave to her attorney. Clinton’s campaign team is trying to play down the seriousness of the allegations. They say she’s cooperating by giving it to them. The fact is she has no choice. They’re taking it.

The New York Post explained that the feds are trying to gauge how much Clinton used her home server and other private devices to send and store classified documents. “It’s definitely a criminal matter,” the New York Post noted. Makin Delrahim is former chief counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee and worked at the DOJ for Bush. He says “this is real. They’re not in the business of providing advisory security services.” It looks like Clinton is in big trouble.

Clinton’s Crimes Follow in the Steps of Convicted General Petraeus, But Worse

Judge Andrew Napolitano is Fox News’ Senior Judicial Analyst. He told Fox news that there’s no doubt Clinton committed crimes.

“Clinton concealed government records from the government while she was a government employee. Which she fully admits. That’s a federal crime,” Napolitano said. “If she failed to return whatever records were in her possession at the time she left, that’s a federal crime. And she admits that.”

Napolitano thinks that what Clinton did is what General Petraeus was indicted for. And he pleaded guilty. The crime is “failure to secure classified information by placing it in a non-classified venue – that’s the crime.” He said Clinton did the same thing. “Looking at it from the Constitution and the law, she’s in hot water.”

Others believe what she did was far worse than Petraeus.

The National Review said Clinton’s emails are a bigger problem than what Petraeus did. “Digital espionage can be more harmful than spying in the analog world.” Someone would have to break into Petraeus’ home to steal his material. “It’s a lot easier to hack digital internet work.”

Experts Claim Clinton’s Behavior Caused National Security Risks

Graham Cluley is a well-known independent security expert. He expressed concern to NBC News. “We don’t know what security Hillary Clinton had running on her personal email. But it’s hard to imagine that it would be as well thought through as that run by the U.S. State Department.” He said that Clinton’s playful texting during travels to different countries added more risk. And she traveled to 112 nations while Secretary of State.

Marc Perkel is a tech entrepreneur. He analyzed Clinton’s server configuration. Perkel said it routes emails through a spam-filtering company. He explained that it could be a big problem if Clinton sent classified data through the system because a lot of people could get to it. Even worse, Perkel emphasized she would have no idea if it was compromised.

CBS News said the FBI has contacted the company that helped manage Clinton’s private system.

Did ISIS gain access to Clinton’s Emails?

Since Clinton doesn’t have secured systems in place, it’s hard to know whether ISIS has hacked her emails or not. But it’s likely they could. The ISIS Hacking Division claims to have gained access to huge data from servers and databases. Some from sophisticated government Agencies. If that’s true, Clinton’s private system wouldn’t stand a chance. We’ve already seen that her system is vulnerable.

Journalist Shane Harris reported that “Hillary’s closest associates were the targets of sophisticated cyberattacks from her earliest days at the State Department.” One hacker was even able to get Clinton’s email address. They then posted it on the internet. There could be hackers that we don’t even know about. Senator Mitch McConnell (R) was concern about the security of the emails. He said the Secretary of State’s emails would be a primary target.

Clinton’s May Have Directly Contributed to the Murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens

Clinton’s failure to use the proper system may have led to the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Judge Napolitano said that in the emails that were turned over there were ones that talked about the jets over Libya and the location of Ambassador Stevens. If the enemies hacked those emails they would have known where to find the Ambassador and how to avoid the jets. But we’ll never know whether she is to blame because she didn’t use a system that could detect if the info was hacked.

Will Clinton Be Held Accountable?

Napolitano says it’s up to Obama whether to prosecute Clinton. It’s his choice. At a State Department press briefing on August 12th, Mark Toner said the Administration is doing its own internal investigation.

It’s not clear if Clinton will be charged with a crime. But it’s clear it’s going to take a lot of time and money to clean up the security mess she’s made. Recent polls do show that voters may elect to hold her accountable whether she’s charged or not.

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