How Long Will Gun Control Lobbyists Piggyback on Tragedy?

The right to carry guns has been sanctioned by the Supreme Court – for now. In the 2008 case of District of Columbia vs. Heller, the Court ruled that individuals have the right to bear arms. But we all know the courts can change their mind. They can flip their decisions over the years as the weight of the judges’ party affiliations shift.

Up until Heller, the Supreme Court had the opposite view. Courts ruled for gun control because of the 1939 case of U.S. Supreme Court case of U.S. vs. Miller. They found that individuals didn’t have rights to own sawed-off shotguns. It was interpreted to mean that the 2nd Amendment was not for personal use.

It was Chief Justice John Roberts who raised the issue again. When sworn in Roberts claimed that the 1939 case didn’t determine with clarity whether the law was just for militia and not for individuals. This opened the door for the Heller case.

“By the time of the founding, the right to have arms had become fundamental for English subjects,” wrote Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia. “There seems to us no doubt, on the basis of both text and history, that the Second Amendment conferred an individual right to keep and bear arm,” he added.

Well they finally got it right. But even with the new ruling, attacks on the right to bear arms keeps rearing its ugly head. Now those who want gun control are pointing to suicide/killers and terrorists to try to reopen the door.

Those that want gun control are making a big mistake. They are ignoring a key reason why our forefathers wrote the Amendment. Their claims that violence in our schools and communities show a need for gun control is just wrong. It’s just the opposite. The Amendment and its clause that lets individuals bear arms was written exactly for the type of hostile environment we live in today.

Today’s Terrorist Attacks are Equal to Colonial Threats

Our forefathers were faced with the British Monarchy, French invaders and American Indians. That’s why the 2nd Amendment gave individuals rights to bear arms. If individuals would not have been able to defend themselves individually and in groups, America would not have been born.

Today, we have foreign powers who threaten our lives in our Homeland. Illegal immigrants flooding the U.S. Many are criminals of violent crimes who fall through the cracks of our system. They’re hurting more and more people. There are mobs who riot and loot our towns. And it’s startling how many mentally ill people are killing others.

These incidences rise to the level of the life-and-death threats our forefathers faced. It’s why it is as important today to allow individuals to defend themselves as it was back then. It’s important to remember that even the word “militia” as it is used in the 2nd Amendment supports individual rights. Each member of the militia supported the cause of legally protecting themselves, their family, community and country. While they were a member of the group, they often acted along. In the midst of today’s chaos and crime that surrounds us we need to be able to protect ourselves.

Individual rights to carry weapons are more important than ever. Instead of trying to strip us of our Constitutional Rights, lawmakers should clean up the mess they’ve created that put us at risk.

Stop Trying to Blame Law Abiding Citizens for the Havoc Our Leaders Have Thrust on Us!

None of us want to go back to that time in our history where folks felt like they were at the OK Corral, with street fights and shootouts. But isn’t that what we have now? And the risks weren’t caused by law abiding citizens carrying guns. Take a look at some of the violence we endure and how government action caused it. And government’s inaction also keeps it from stopping. Look where the real violence is:

Destruction of Personal Property, Cities & Towns, Strong Enforcement and Lives

It used to be if someone broke the law police caught them and they were punished. Now there’s selective punishment. Ferguson is a prime example. A police officer shot and killed a young man who had just come from robbing a store. People used the death to divert attention from his crime. Many of them, like the man shot, committed crimes. They burned personal property. They looted stores and they attacked police. We all saw the evidence as we watched it on TV. Were they brought to justice? Convicted? No. The outcome? The police officer was found not guilty of any wrongdoing. But his career was destroyed and leadership attacked.

System Overlooks Repeat Violent Offenders and Illegal Aliens Who’ve Committed Crimes

Instead of attacking Americans who want to exercise their right to carry a gun, leaders should focus on laws to keep violent illegal aliens out of our country. And to keep violent criminals in jail.

The recent San Francisco case shows how vulnerable we are to violence from criminals. Kathryn Steinle was shot while on a pier in San Francisco. The thug was an illegal immigrant who has been deported before. It was his third time re-entering the country. Locals had caught him. They knew he was an illegal alien. Instead of turning him over to the Feds, they let him go. That is when he shot her.

Over 10% of Americans have a criminal record. Our prisons are overcrowded. Yet, officials have failed to reform the penal system. Changes need to be made to find alternative punishment for lesser crimes so that there is room to keep violent convicts behind bars. Leaders continue to fail to make changes. The responsibility of lost lives because of it are on them. Not on citizens who have legal guns.

Stop Holding Citizens Hostage for Unstable Behavior because they Own Guns!

Gun control backers want to attack our rights because of suicide/killers. That’s absurd. We don’t make laws to hold innocent people responsible. Of the 34,000 death by firearms in 2013, almost two-thirds were suicides. The high suicide rate shows that it is an amazingly small number who resort to such violence. Leaders should focus on finding solutions to the underlying problem. They should not use that problem as an excuse to strip Americans of their Constitutional right.

The Liberty Bell Rings! Call to Action!

We have been able to block Obama’s actions for more gun control. The death of WDBJ reporter Allison Parker on live TV has hurt. Dems and anti-gun protesters are back in action. It’s important to get the word out there to stop them in their tracks. Here are some things you can do to help.

  • Support H.R. 3516, the “Social Security Beneficiary 2nd Amendment Rights Protection Act” – This Bill stops Obama from a back door approach to try to take gun rights away from hundreds of thousands of social security recipients. The NRA says it would hurt almost 180,000 vets alone. The Bill stops Obama from finding those on social security mentally ill if they assign third party reps to help them. Call your state legislators and U.S. Congressman ( Tell them to support the Bill.
  • Spread the News – Proof that Americans don’t Want More Gun Control – A new CNN and ORC Int’l poll shows Americans don’t want Congress to add more gun laws. The poll notes almost half (49%) think gun laws are “about right.” And 10% said it’s too hard to buy a gun. That’s right 59% don’t want action. As the NRA points out, 56% didn’t think more gun laws would stop the mentally ill from using guns to kill. And 58% said it was not likely to stop criminals. Write a letter to Congress, state legislators, and yes, even Obama. Mention these statistics. Tell them to support the voice of America. Don’t support more gun laws.
  • Help Make Votes Count: Spread the Word on Candidates’ Views on Gun Control – “Business Insider” revealed which candidates support our rights to bare arms. Here are the major GOP candidates who support NRA
    • Bush, Cruz and Huckabee get an “A+”
    • Rand and Rubio have “A”
    • Christie gets a “C.”
    • Perry expanded gun rights as Governor
    • Santorum’s record shows strong support
    • Fiorina says she is strong on gun rights/accuses Obama of seeking own agenda
    • Trump says he supports the 2nd Amend/wants ban on assault weapons/longer wait
    • Carson: “Depends on where you live (His response to ownership of assault rifle]

Now you know who is for your 2nd Amendment Rights – be active spread the word and help push for our Constitutional Rights at the 2016 Presidential election.

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